Why should I use bafry products?

Unlike most other disinfectants in the marketplace, bafry products are ECO-friendly, Antimicrobia, Non-toxic, they work effectively up to temperatures of 95 degrees centigrade, they have, no taste, smell or colour deformation. They are 100% chlorine free and no rinsing is required after application.

If not Chlorine, what do bafry products contain?

Essentially the product contains a mixture of Hydrogen peroxide and silver ions and is fully biodegradable.

Is bafry like chlorine?

No. The qualities are quite different to other substances such as Chlorine and Bromine. It has no taste, smell or colour.

Are bafry products safe?

Yes 100%. bafry products are made up of natural ingredients.

How do I use bafry products?

bafry products are used in many different ways - this will depend on your area of industry and specific requirements. bafry representatives are able to advise Clients on which products may be used in order to facilitate efficient disinfectant methods once an on-site briefing and visit has taken place. bafry currently works with a range of industries including Water supply companies, Hotels, Hospitals, Dairy and Food processing plants to name a few. Through experience we are therefore aware of many of the common problems faced within each of these categories and are able to provide fast and effective solutions based on first hand experience.

How do I know if bafry products will work?

Though we have our own laboratory and team we continue to have our products tested by local and international authorities.

If I decide to use bafry products, what length of contract do I have to agree to?

Our company policy is not to tie Clients into extended contract periods. We are confident that once you have tried using any of our products you will want to continue using them. If for any reason you wish to stop purchasing the product, we believe you have every right to do so. Of all of the Clients we work with to date, none of them have left us to use any other product.

Who is currently using bafry products?

Bafry currently works with a range of industries including Water supply companies, Hotels, Hospitals, Dairy and Food processing plants to name a few.

Does anyone else supply the same chemicals?

Yes there are approx. four companies in the world producing this type of product. We encourage Clients to do their own research and carry out comparisons, but our formula differs,and it has a corrosion inhibtors "Food Grade Substance".

Where do I start? How do I know if bafry products will work for me?

Speak to an bafry representative today and we will be able to tell you where and how your company will benefit through using any of the products.

Are bafry products stable?

bafry products can be stored for up to two years and are proven effective up to 95 degrees centigrade.

Are bafry products toxic?

No - 100% non-toxic.

Are bafry products environmentally friendly?

Yes - the core ingrediants are water and oxygen.

What form do bafry products come in?

Bafry products are supplied in liquid form in 5 litre and 65 litre jerry cans.